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Company Culture

Company Spirit

HonestyProfessionalismTeamworking Innovations

Company Goal

Suzhou Bellin Laser will become a leading company in the world in five years with core competence in technologies to provide high performance laser systems for various application markets.

Company Operation

With a highly efficient management and sufficient individual freedom, Bellin Laser will work hard to gain key competences in various technology fronts and to undertake research and development with market needs. The company will make good returns for investors by providing first class quality products and excellent services, at the same time the company will provide opportunities to its people for their career development.


Company products are to be based on ultra short pulse laser technology, UV laser technology and fibre laser technology.


Products applications are mainly for semiconductor industrials, IC industrials, display industrials and solar cell energy industrials etc.

Quality Assurance Guard Lines

Innovative DesignHigh Efficiency ProductionExcellent Quality ProductsFirst Class Services.

Suzhou Bellin Laser Co., Ltd was founded in2007, dedicated to the developing, manufacturing and marketing of industrialdiode pumped solid state lasers, including variety of picosecond lasers, UVlasers and Green lasers, which are reliable and have been accepted worldwide bycustomers in Europe, Japan and Taiwan, etc.

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